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"I'm just in a state of constantly evolving and utilizing all of my gifts, whatever that may entail, as long as it's God doing the leading for me." 


A creative Visionary. a story teller. a stylist. a coach. a motivator.

TIARA LANE, a young Harlem native who's been quietly making her way into the arts and entertainment industry. Though many have recently started noticing the young talented beauty in the social media realm, she actually began her modeling journey at the age of 12 with New York's Barbizon Modeling school. She is now not only a model, but has also earned the title of Creative Visionary and Director, Brand Improvement Coach, Personal Wardrobe Stylist, Image Consultant, Actress, and even a Certified Life Coach. Tiara has experience styling some of your favorite influencers, and music executives, but she also styles individuals seeking looks for special events, photoshoots, or to simply just revamp their wardrobe. In every encounter with her expect to be challenged in some way.  She will push you to not just enhance your brand and image, but leaving her presence will inspire you to enhance the way you maneuver through life. 

Her Modeling Journey

After giving up on her modeling dream for a while, Tiara decided to take the independent route after college...

"My looks wasn't an insecurity of mine, I always knew I was beautiful, and would always hear it, even from strangers stopping me in the street, but I just became discouraged due to the "norms" within the industry. It wasn't until recently where I've started seeing average sized women of color on billboards in stores, and now finally I'm able to look at them and say "that can be me." "As the industry continues to evolve, I feel like we're headed in the right direction, but there's still more work to do... For so long I was turned away from major agencies because I'm not a size 0 and 5'8. I'm just hoping my platform will inspire people to actively pursue their dreams and not remain stagnant like I did, because they feel they don't fit the "mold," whatever that may be. And that applies to whatever field you're in, if God gave you a gift, skill or talent, use it, forget about everything else."


"What's next for her?"

I love modeling, but I also have other gifts and things I enjoy doing. I've spent many years feeling as though I had to pick one lane and stick to that, until I realized why can't I just cultivate my own. "Create your own lane," that's always been my motto. I never wanted to be known as just the model, or the "pretty girl." I have a lot of gifts and skills, and I know they aren't there by accident, so who's to tell me I have to pick just one. I'm really big on living a life of purpose and with intentionality, and I believe a part of my purpose is to inspire others to do the same, whether I'm helping create something or simply speaking to someone.  With whatever platform(s) God grants me, I'm always going to fulfill that assignment."


"As far as business, expanding my businesses and modeling is my focus for right now, but don't be surprised if you see me on your tv screens within the next few years, that's a huge goal of mine. I'm just in a state of constantly evolving and utilizing all of my gifts, whatever that may entail, as long as it's God doing the leading for me." 

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